Over the past 20 years, Cruse Bereavement Care has helped countless people through all the difficult stages of personal bereavement with their highly-skilled counselling services.   Quartet books published Vanessa's A Rose In Winter in 2009 and are due to release Vanessa's next book Flora's Glory soon. Keep up-to-date with their latest books and Vanessa's future works.   A hard-hitting political lobbying organization that exposes cruelty to farm animals and uses high profile campaigns designed to achieve better standards and happier lives for farmed animals everywhere.
crusebereavementcare.org.uk www.quartetbooks.co.uk


  Wight Locations offers a wide range of self catering holiday cottages and holiday homes across the Isle of Wight.   A fund-raising appeal to make major repairs and renovations to St. Thomas' Church in Newport on the Isle of Wight.  
www.wightlocations.co.uk www.newportparish.org.uk
Storygardenz are special places with a great story, which is not just scripture but is still a living voice, in the words and actions of people.

  This is a journey into the songlines of memory and imagination: the unique view of a westerner on his heritage and what it might hold for us in this age of communication overload, conflict and environmental crisis.   Mindfulness and Adaptation practice enable us to deal with and relieve depression, anxiety, anger and stress, improve the quality of life and our state of well-being.
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